Thursday, June 01, 2006

Silent cry ..

Its early yet the month is one,
though you can't see me I have begun.
I'm so small I don't have to hide,
I’m just a little seed growing inside.

Four weeks later the month is two,
I'm still small but part of you.
Mommy, you'll love me just wait and see,
You'll be so very proud of me.

Time has past the month is three,
Now I'm someone you can see.
My hair is brown my eyes are blue,
Mommy you'll love having me with you.

I'm growing fast the month is four,
constantly moving not still anymore.
I can't wait to become whole,
I'll have a great mind, spirit, and soul.

Now I'm gone the month is five,
because mommy chose to kill me I'm no longer alive.
Abortion is the name they give it,
when you take our lives before we live it.

I want to be born the month is six,
its already been done I can't be fixed.
I guess mommy didn't love me she threw me away,
In her memory I will stay.

I have a new home the month is seven,
now I'm on my way to heaven.
Mommy killed me now I’m gone,
Only mommy will live on.

If I were around the month would be eight,
mommy would love me but it's too late.
Murdered by mommy’s sweet two hands,
I guess I'm too young to understand.

Goodbye mommy the month is nine,
I could have been born and be just fine.
Although I'm in Heaven I have to cry,
because of mommy I had to die.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very touching poem indeed. let's fight abortion.

9:56 PM  
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