Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Training Our mind

If we spent 4,000 to 5,000 thoughts focused positively and calmly on acheiving one object or goal, it is very likely to manifest - (as long as we have the right relationship to it - be aware of feelings of doubt, unworthiness, guilt, sin etc. Affirm 'I am worthy of.....")
Also be calm when you visualize your heart's desires. A distracted, anxious, envious, greedy mind - quickly loses energy & focus.
The calmer you are the quicker the results. Calm mind leads to long life.

Tips for training your mind.

Notice how decisions, choices, desires are arising or being made. Are they arising from fear (ego - fear of losing approval / power / control) or from a higher pure intention / source / compassion / love / being.

Be detached from the outcome - don't be annoyed if you don't get something you desire - you get what you need, not what your ego wants, however do your best.
Look at your everyday life as if you are watching a movie / dream. Take a step back - take a broader & higher perspective.

Be aware of symbols and coincidences - notice words / people / things / experiences / that keep re-ocurring - is there a message to learn from these things?
Balance your desires - we live be in the duality - gain / loss, pleasure / pain, light / dark , male / female, Yin / Yang - cycles of life - moderation & measure is the key

The trick can be :-
to have no lower desires, just preferences or higher desires
to have no preferences at all - non attachment , no fixed perspective, no expectations
to celebrate life, with conscious awareness / mindfulness (being especially aware of ego)
realizing there is no right or wrong only consequences eg. the more you drink the larger the hangover.

There is no need to renounce physical life - it is also the work of the divine. Every stone is sacred. Integrate meditation & action, method & wisdom. We live in a trinity -so there is always the third component - eg. male / female & neutral or the right hand, left and and path.

One needs to develop
Morality - (Renunction)
Compassion - loving- kindness, Joy, equanimity
Wisdom - Right View, Concentration (Meditation)
As an antidote to

Subconscious Mind, Habits & Affirmations

The subconscious mind is like a robot / computer whom we can program with certain functions and tasks. Subconscious mind is our auto-pilot, eg. we use it when we drive and talk on a mobile phone at the same time.
The subconscious mind (lower self) does not know the difference between imagination and reality - that is why affirmations & visualisations work.
'I am beautiful, healthy and slim'
but for this affirmation to work you need the right self-programming - right relationship to self and others. Also the affirmations need to be relatively realistic. For example
"I need the be fit, healthy & vibrant, I will be at ideal weight of ...., in 55 days"
So if for years you've been saying to yourself, subconsciously -
'I'll always be fat, I deserve to be fat!', then the above affirmation is simply not going to work!!
Say first, I am worthy of being slim, beautiful, healthy or having a my ideal partner / soul mate.
Also you need to love yourself before you can truly love others!
Likewise past negative attachments, thoughts, habits or beliefs hinder our progress.
'I delete all negative memories, emotions, thoughts & programming, that have been projected onto me by myself and from others, that are stopping me from reaching .. . . (my goal)......in the past, present and future.
So be it! So be it! So be it!'
Every morning and night you can affirm:
''I am healthy, vibrant and attractive'

However most are not aware that they are being controlled by their own subconscious mind.


Visualize what you want
Smell / Taste
that you are acheiving your goal.
For something to be in the physical, there need to be causes & conditions. started of as an idea in somebody's mind.


"Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts. Nikki Giovanni
"We cannot direct the wind...But we can adjust the sails."

Our thoughts shape how we react / respond to circumstances. If we master our mind we have control over our thoughts, words and deeds - instead of being under their control.
To have self control is to have strength. Serenity is goal, as well as our true nature.
We truly are incharge of our reality. In every moment we have the following three choices:

Leave the situation with dignity, like dolphins who only play with people they like.
Change the situation, if possible - may need discerning wisdom (prajna) & skillful means
Fully accept the situation, with compassion and understanding - like Jesus - surrendering to a higher power / wisdom / flow.

If you ever feel stressed, anxious, frustrated, angry, or negative just focus on your breathing or listening. Don't judge you emotions. Just watch them without trying to change your feeling.
Bring yourself to the present moment. Bring your mind home'. 'Place your mind in your body

Do not underestimate your mind power . Start trainig your mind today !.
Sports psychologists / coaches / pro's have been using these techniques to win major events. (Yogi's have known these techniques for ages!!)
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