Monday, September 25, 2006

Penetrating Worldly Illusions

This is a story from India. I find it a good one. It really challenge our very own thoughts and sincerity. A good piece of info to feed the mind. What do you think ?.

Once an enlightened master asked his
disciple to renounce the world and join his monastic order.
However, the disciple said that his wife, parents and siblings
all loved him very much, and he could not forsake them. His
departure would bring unbearable pain for his family. "Well, let
me show you how much your family members love you," said his

Together, they came to the home of the disciple. Then the master
gave the disciple a pill and hid himself outside, pretending to
be a stranger. After swallowing the pill, the disciple became
like a dead man, with no heartbeat or breathing. His body turned
stiff and icy cold. His family members burst into tears, crying
and imploring God to save him, but to no avail.

Suddenly the master entered and said to them, "I can save your
relative." On hearing this, they became very happy. They bowed
down and begged him to waste no time saving the man. "But there
is one requirement," said the master. "For him to be revived,
one person must die in his place, because this is the law of
cause and effect. If I raise him from death, then I have to die
for him. But I am not his kin! He is your relative. Since you
love him so much, you must be very happy to die for him. I am
just a passer-by. How can I die for him? So if one of you is
willing to die for him, I can immediately bring back his soul.
As we cannot transcend the karmic law of cause and retribution,
an exchange has to be made."

None of the relatives were willing to die for him. They found
very good excuses. "If I die, who will take care of this home?"
"If I die, who will take care of this business?" Though the wife
of the disciple loved him very much, and had cried desperately
and rolled on the floor, she answered, "No, no! If I die, there
will be no one to take care of my two children." Then they said,
"Oh, well! The man is already dead. Then let it be so. Let us
just send the body for cremation." Hearing that, the disciple
got up immediately and said, "I am not dead yet!" Then he said
good-bye to his family and left with his master.

There are many stories like this. Sometimes when we love
someone, or when someone loves someone else, there are always
some aspects of imperfection. Usually we do not love others to
the extent of forgetting ourselves, or to the extent of being
willing to die for them. Hence, with certain things, we do not
know the truth without personal experience. We perceive only the
outside appearances, which are not correct.

The attachments that we feel for this world are not the
ultimate. It is best that we do not have to come back anymore
because no matter how deeply attached we are, after a while we
still have to leave. So, it is best to be prepared beforehand,
and at the time of departure, to be gone forever. Otherwise, the
next time we come back, we will again become attached, and get
tied up with one another. After a while, we will have to leave
once more. Again at that time, our relatives will feel great
pain. Therefore, it is best to just be gone once and for all,
without any need to come back again to trouble others. This is
also an act of filial piety. Don't you think so? (Audience: Yes.)

It is this way between husband and wife. After a while, each
goes his or her own way. Since both feel so attached and
miserable at the time of separation, do not repeat it. Hence, we
should be prepared spiritually. It is better to leave in a
clear-cut manner. Do not come back again to re-play these
painful scenes. Otherwise, we will be miserable and so will be
the other party. What good will it do us?


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