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Boy with Divine Power

Some old articles on a Boy who seek meditation without food and water and dramatically able to survice for 10 months until he finally dissapear into forest to seek and find real peace to complete his meditation stint of 6 years in completer meditatation solidarity.

Pilgrims flock to see 'Buddha boy' said to have fasted six months
By Thomas Bell in Bara District, Nepal (Filed: 21/11/2005)

Thousands of pilgrims are pouring into the dense jungle of southern Nepal to worship a 15-year-old boy who has been hailed as a new Buddha.
Devotees claim that Ram Bomjon, who is silently meditating beneath a tree, has not eaten or drunk anything since he sat down at his chosen spot six months ago.

Ram Bomjon maintains his vigil in the shade of his pipal tree
Witnesses say they have seen light emanating from the teenager's forehead.
"It looks a bit like when you shine a torch through your hand," said Tek Bahadur Lama, a member of the committee responsible for dealing with the growing number of visitors from India and elsewhere in Nepal.
Photographs of Ram Bomjon, available for five rupees (4p) from his makeshift shrine, have become ubiquitous across the region. "Far and wide, it's the only topic of conversation," said Upendra Lamichami, a local journalist.
He said no allegation had yet emerged of Ram breaking his fast or moving, even to relieve himself.
Santa Raj Subedi, the chief government official in Bara district, appealed to the capital, Kathmandu, for assistance in dealing with the influx of visitors, and for a team of scients to examine the case.
Local doctors failed to reach a final conclusion, although they were allowed no closer than five yards from the boy mystic, declaring that they could confirm no more than that he was alive.

The popularity of the phenomenon is partly because it resembles an episode in the life of the historical Buddha, who was born 160 miles away around 543 BC. The Buddha achieved enlightenment when he meditated beneath a sacred pipal tree for 49 days.
Ram Bomjon is also sitting beneath a pipal tree, in the same posture as the Buddha is depicted, but his vigil has already taken longer.
Ram's mother, who is called Maya Devi, like the Buddha's mother, admits to anxiety, particularly at meal times. But she tells herself: "God took him to the forest and I have faith that God will feed him."
She said: "He's definitely got thinner. Early in the morning he looks sunken, like there's no blood in him, but as the sun rises he seems to get brighter and brighter."
The fervour increased last week when a snake is said to have bitten Ram, and a curtain was drawn around him.
After five days it was opened and he spoke. "Tell the people not to call me a Buddha. I don't have the Buddha's energy. I am at the level of rinpoche [lesser divinity].
"A snake bit me but I do not need treatment. I need six years of deep meditation."
Despite his protestations, "Buddha boy" is famous.
A thriving market has grown in the once pristine forest, supplying pilgrims with everything from chewing tobacco and bicycle repairs to incense and sacred amulets. The ground is covered in litter.
A fence was built around Ram's tree to prevent pilgrims prodding him, then a second, and now a third is planned, as well as a bus park, leaving Ram at the centre of an ever growing circle of rubbish.
Prakash Lamsal, a businessman said: "Some people are selling 2,500 rupees [£20] worth of tea a day.
"These lamas [monks] are going to build mansions out of this. If I wasn't a bit embarrassed I'd take a van down there and set up a stall."

On another separate article.
Buddha Boy has nation guessing: holy or hoax?
By Connie Levett February 11, 2006

IN SOME ways, Ram Bahadur Bomjan is a typical teenager: he loves his cricket, he sits with shoulders slumped, hair falling into his eyes, uninterested in the world.
In other ways, he is definitely not. For the past nine months, the 15-year-old has sat, meditating at the base of a peepal tree in Nepal's Bara District, without food, water, sleep or the need to use the toilet. If that was not remarkable enough, on January 19, he spontaneously combusted, burning off the clothes he has worn for nine months but leaving no scars. Lest there be doubters, his followers caught that combustion on video and plan to present the footage, seen by The Age, at a news conference in Kathmandu, soon.
The Buddha Boy, as he is known in Nepal, is a source of equal scepticism and reverence. To the doubters, it is an elaborate scam, which has drawn thousands of pilgrims, domestic and international, to a dirt poor area of Nepal's terrai region.
To the pilgrims and merchants in the food bazaar that have sprung up to cater to them, there is no questioning the boy's legitimacy. He is the reincarnation of the Lord Buddha, despite the boy's own denials.
Last November, he briefly emerged from his meditation to announce: "Tell people not to call me the Buddha, I do not have the Buddha's energy, I am only at tapaswi level." A tapaswi is a sage who practises austerities.
To find the Buddha Boy's forest shrine, you travel 250 kilometres south of Kathmandu.
The final kilometre of the pilgrimage is on foot, to prevent traffic disturbing the boy's meditative state. At the site, a series of fenced alleys loop through the forest, directing pilgrims in a one-way stream past the open front of the peepal tree where the boy, with distinctive sloping shoulders, sits slumped inside. Pilgrims are kept at 30 metres distance as they walk past the donation boxes stuffed full of Nepalese rupees.
"We believe him, he has been meditating without food for the last six or seven months, (and) we cannot live for even one day without food," said Shesh Raj Lamichhane, 30, a member of the bazaar management committee. "Many people are staying through the night and nobody has seen him eating." At night the forest site is dark and only his supporters stand guard.
Mr Lamichhane said on the most holy day of Dashain festival last year, there were 4800 vehicles in a single day.
Those who grew up with Ram are surprised at his sudden fame. Prem Lama, his boyhood friend, said he had no sense during his childhood that Ram would be special.
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