Friday, August 11, 2006

Latest crop circles. What's your interpretation on this coded sign.

The circle which appeared in Fife on the banks of the Tay has been widely reported in the Scottish media. BBC Scotland has run an item with a reporter on its nightly television news programme. Newspapers such as The Scottish Daily Mail, The Scotsman, The Dundee Courier, The Sun (Scottish edition), to name but a few, have all carried articles on it. Many have included a photograph of this exciting event.

This formation appeared on Saturday 5th August 2006. Wester Flisk Farm lies on the country tourist route between Gauldry and Newburgh, Fife, Scotland.

The field is approximately 4 miles due west from Gauldry. A left turn should be taken at the T-junction and follow the road to Newburgh. It can be seen approximately 1 mile down that road on the right hand side of the steep hill.

The field lies directly below Norman’s Law, which is an ancient hill fort.

Adjacent to the field are the ruins of an old Church with graveyard.


The field is of wheat.

The formation is large. 180 metres in circumference.

Two crescent shapes enclosing what appears to be a cup with orbs falling into it. The left hand crescent contains what appears to be a sperm-like formation.


It is very unusual for formations to appear in Scotland although one did appear at Luthrie in Fife last year. Luthrie is only 3 – 4 miles from this new circle. Also, the sperm-like shape was an integral part of the Luthrie circle. Can there be a connection?

At Saddel, on the Mull of Kintyre, there are medieval, religious carved stones. There is a carving of a cup, or Grail, with an orb falling into it. This symbolises the Earth falling into the Grail. It appears identical to the central cup in this formation. I suggest the sperm symbolises a re-birth or possibly a spiritual re-awakening of some kind.

The farmer does not want anyone to enter the field so pole shots are not possible, although aerials have been done.

It remains to be seen if the phenomenon has established itself in Scotland but it must be kept in mind that this is the second year running that this country has been graced with these new formations.

James Morrison



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