Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We Can Create Anything Out of Nothingness

This is a truly a remarkable article on the portal http://mindbodynsoul.com . It explains The Universe is full of abundace and affluence. The entire flora and fauna surrounding us was created out of nothingness. The barren earth stood in solitude and then God began the phenomenal creation of life.

It is believable that When God could create this fascinating and miraculous world for us out of nothing, we, who are created in His image, can also weave fascinating realities for ourselves.

It is for sure that positive thinking is the key to realisin dreams because positivism and optimism are basic ingredients to unlock success. I have read many motivational articles and books but I am very happy to read this article as it explains in depth process of energy impulses.

The thought is verbalized and structured in the universal language of "feeling" or "intent" by the energy impulses. The nature of our "intent" gives visualization to our mind, which we verbalize as thought.

The people who have made their great mark in any field have been highly motivted positive thinkers with great faith and positive thinking attitude for realising their dreams.

It is a must read article for enterpreneurs and ambitious persons who aspire to achieve great heights and become legends in their chosen areas.

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