Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Know The Seven Deadly Sins and the Demons associated with it ..

Lucifer - pride
The angel who rebelled against God and fell from Heaven.

Beelzebub - gluttony
Satan's second-in-command,
also known as "The Lord of the Flies".

Leviathan - envy
Also the great serpent demon of Hell and ruler of the oceans.

Mammon - avarice
Demon of riches & covetousness

Belphegor - sloth
A demon that seduces men with wealth.

Asmodeus - lechery
Demon of lust and marital discord.

Satan - anger
The supreme Lord of Hell and and its' Demons.

Know the The Seven Sublime Virtues of Buddhism faith.

1. The Seven Sublime Virtues
1. To know cause
2. To know result
3. To know oneself
4. To know moderation
5. To know appropriate time
6. To know society
7. To know individuals

2. Another set of Seven Sublime Virtues
1. Faith
2. Moral shame
3. Moral fear
4. Knowledge
5. Effort
6. Mindfulness
7. Wisdom

3. The Sevenfold Noble Wealth
1. Faith
2. Morality
3. Moral shame
4. Moral fear
5. Knowledge
6. Generosity
7. Wisdom

4. The Sevenfold Mode of Regular Practice (appropriate for the leaders)
1. Taking care of parents
2. Being respectful to elders in the family
3. Speaking kind and friendly words
4. Refraining from divisive speech
5. Doing away with niggardliness
6. Being truthful
7. Controlling anger


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