Monday, July 31, 2006

Egyptian Mysteries? - How were the ancient Egyptian wonders created and by whom?Who built the Pyramids and Sphinx? Well, the ancient Egyptians of course. However, alternative theories abound. Some argue that extraterrestrials may have constructed the monuments and that the "monuments on Mars" are related to the monuments at Giza. Others believe that the pyramids were built by humans who were members of an advanced, but lost, civilization.

Who Built The Pyramids? - Nova Online interviews with researchers on new evidence pointing to humans as the builders of the pyramids. Includes analysis into how the Pyramids were built.

The Plateau - The Official Web Site of Dr. Zahi Hawass - Hawass, Director General of the Giza Pyramids, discusses current conservation programs and how the Pyramids were built. Press releases, interviews and photos.

Guardian's Sphinx - Conventional Sphinx history and Sphinx photos.

Sphinx/Mars Connection - Are the "face" and "pyramids" on Mars related to the monuments on the Giza Plateau?

Pyramid Mathematics - The author argues that the Pyramids are based upon rational mathematics and that they were built by man.

Alternative Egyptian Theory Page - Interesting theories on the uses and age of the Pyramids.

The Orion Mystery - Analysis into how the North-South reflection of the Giza Pyramids corresponds with the stars in the Belt of Orion.How old are the monuments? Most researchers believe that the Pyramids and Sphinx were built around 4,500 years ago. Recently, some researchers have argued that the Egyptian monuments are much older than originally thought. The Sphinx, in particular, is believed to have suffered heavy water erosion. However, water and rain were only present in Egypt during the distant past - 11,000 years ago, which would make the Sphinx almost 6,000 years older than conventional age estimates.

Are The Giza Pyramids 11,000 Years Old? - Hypothesis that the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx were constructed at the same time and were built to correspond with the stars.

Redating The Sphinx - Analysis into how water has eroded the Sphinx and not wind erosion as previously thought.

Redating The Sphinx: The Debate - A good overview of the debate over the Sphinx's age. Covers the different viewpoints.

The Modern Riddle Of The Sphinx - This Web site argues that conventional theory is incorrect and only alternative theory can explain the Sphinx. Links and articles on alternative Sphinx theory.The Hall of Records? Alternative researchers often talk about the Hall of Records, a legendary room in the Sphinx or Great Pyramid that is thought to hold evidence of a past technological age. The ancient Egyptians themselves spoke of "Zep Tepi" or a golden age that existed in the distant past. Does this mystical place really exist and does it hold the secrets of this past age?

Operation Hermes - News and info on the English expedition to find the Hall of Records, a secret room thought to exist under the Sphinx.

Keys Under The Sphinx - Is the secret of the Hall of Records hidden in the stars? This site says so.

Is A Secret Tunnel Being Excavated In The Great Pyramid? - Is the Egyptian government conducting a secret investigation into finding the mysterious Hall of Records deep inside the Great Pyramid?

In Search of The Martian Sphinx - Is there a Sphinx on Mars? Cool photos and diagrams.

The Age of the Sphinx - Much the Sphinx has possibly been eroded by rainfall, which hasn't been present in Egypt for over 10,000 years. There is also a secret chamber under the Sphinx, which holds the secrets of "Zep Tepi" or the golden age that supposedly existed before the Pyramids were built.


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